Online Accounting and Business Management.

SMARTEDGE is the most comprehensive and feature rich online package available for your business.

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The SMARTEDGE software solution is a joint package between South Africa and Norway. It was the first online accounting solution in South Africa and remains the most comprehensive.

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SMARTEDGE has answered all our business needs effectively and efficiently, from stock management to invoicing, as well as providing the financial reports and analysis we need.
Jan Williams
SMARTEDGE has transformed our accounting practice. We would love to convert the world to SMARTEDGE.
Cat Robinson
We have used a number of different accounting solutions over the years and have never been as impressed as we are with the ease of use and flexibility that we get with SMARTEDGE.
Michael Strauss
SMARTEDGE is a very proactive company, always looking at new ways to improve processes and systems. A extremely user friendly system with great features.
Aatiyah Bazier
My clients enjoy and praise the easy online access any time and place, as well as very user-friendly software.
Inga Steyn
I am very privileged to partner with SMARTEDGE – I believe it gives my business the advantage.
Honey Accounting
Extensive Support
SMARTEDGE has an extensive range of Support Documentation, comprehensive online Help Files and a FREE online Support Ticket System.

A startup wizard guides you step by step through the configuration of your company.
FREE online Support Ticket system

Detailed self-training manuals where needed.

Comprehensive online Help documentation

Advanced Features
SMARTEDGE can handle your simple, daily transactions as well as more advanced company requirements.
stock management

Stock Management

Comprehensive stock tracking whether working from home or tracking multiple warehouses.

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service calls

Service Calls

Track your customer service calls including entering items used and technician time details.

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multiple currencies

Multiple Currencies

Capture your transactions in multiple currencies including for customers, suppliers and bank accounts.

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fixed assets

Fixed Assets

Track your Fixed Assets and have your depreciation automatically calculated and posted.

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Allocate any financial transaction to a Project and view detailed statements.

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invoice collections

Invoice Collections

A detailed process to aid you in collecting outstanding money owed by customers.

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Contract Invoicing

Recurring, Multi-Delivery and Sales Invoices can be generated by using Contracts.

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Tax Compliance

SMARTEDGE has a number of features to ensure full legal compliance.

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