Key Features

SMARTEDGE is a comprehensive system with a huge range of features and functionality for most businesses. Some of the key features for businesses who need more than most packages offer are listed here.

Stock Management

SMARTEDGE has all the features needed for stock tracking to support anything from a small business with a single stock line to a multi-location, multi-warehouse business with thousands of stock lines.

Advanced features include:

  • Order fulfilment with live stock tracking
  • Back Order management for Customers
  • Shipment and Freight estimation to track costs freight costs and shipments
  • Simple Request for Quotes and Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Accrual accounting
  • Landed cost tracking
  • Freight Cost and Import Duties
  • Multi-Warehouse Support
  • Stock Adjustments and Write-Offs
  • Inter Warehouse transfers
  • Consignment Warehouses
  • Current Stock and Average Stock Cost
  • Style and Model support
  • Order and Maxium Stock Points for Purchase Order generation
  • Detailed Stock Reports
  • Serial Number Tracking
  • Product Packaging, Measurement and Weight information tracking
  • Product Assembly and Manufacturing
  • Raw Material and Input Services tracking
  • Assembled (Manufactured) Item support
  • Stock Lot support, including expiry dates for Stock Lots

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Service Calls

If your company tracks any customer support issues SMARTEDGE can handle it all for you. Whether your are booking items in for repair, sending technical staff to do work or tracking professional time, SMARTEDGE has you covered.

Some of the key features include:

  • Add Tasks or Support Tickets for Customers
  • Allocate Tasks and Support Tickets to staff and stakeholders
  • Track work done and items used
  • Track time used for work done
  • Use Service Cases to group multiple service activities
  • Use Templates to create recurring sets of Tasks or Tickets
  • Generate Invoices for time and/or materials directly from Tasks and Tickets
  • View full history or work for customers
  • Track work done by staff and stakeholder

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Multiple Currencies

SMARTEDGE has full support for foreign currency transactions.

Invoice your customers in their own currency no matter what country in the world they are.

Capture Purchase Orders and Supplier invoices in their country of origin

Bank Accounts
Track your foreign, international and foreign currency bank accounts accurately

In addition to this SMARTEDGE also has the following features:

  • Allows you to set the default rate to be used for your foreign currency transactions
  • Allows you to set the rate to be used for each foreign currency transaction captured
  • Automatically post the profit or loss on foreign currency transactions
  • Revalue your foreign currency balances

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Fixed Assets

SMARTEDGE has full support for Fixed Asset management and depreciation calculations.

SMARTEDGE allows you to maintain multiple Fixed Asset registers and track assets for different Business Units.

For each asset you can specify full Asset details including:

  • Purchase date
  • Purchase price
  • Serial Number
  • Sticker Code
  • Asset Category and Brand
  • Asset User
  • Asset Location including Building, Address, Floor and Room
  • Asset Description

Multiple options are available for depreciation asset including support for:

  • Straight Line Basis or Reducing Balance method
  • Variable Asset Life-Times
  • Monthly or Annual deprecation calculations

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If you need to track the profitability (or just all the Income and Expenses) for specific projects, outside of your regular finanical reporting, SMARTEDGE has you covered.

You can use Project tracking for anything that you need to track, including buildings, conferences, team building events, meetings, infrastriucture development, software implementations, fund raising, charity work, sports events, etc.

You can add as many different Projects as required, including a structured hierachy of Projects if necessary.

Any transaction can then be allocated to a Project, either when capturing it, or at a later stage. Detailed reports are available to show all Income and Expenses related to any Project in a view which is very similar to a standard Income Statement.

You can also define up to 10 of your own fields to assist in classifying and grouping projects, each field allowing either free text or pre-defined options.

Management and reporting screens for Projects cover everything you need, including the following:

Project Budgets
This report displays budgets for projects. From the report you can select and edit the budget for a selected year.

Project Allocation
Identify and allocate existing transactions to projects.

Project Statement
This report displays your project income statement.

Project Statement By Classification
This report displays your project income statement by project classifications (which you can define yourself).

Project Ledger
The project ledger report shows all transactions that occurred during a given time period for a project. The report is grouped by account and it displays the beginning and ending balance for each account. The report can be processed for a specific date range and business unit.

This window displays the company’s projects in a tree structure. Use the window to select projects if you want to view, edit or delete the project.

This report lists projects in a table report format. Use the list to select a project if you want to view, edit or delete project details.

New Project
Use this window to add new projects. You can also view, edit or delete projectss from this window.

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Invoice Collections

The Invoice Collection system in SMARTEDGE helps you to stay on top of your customers and outstanding monies owed to you.

You can select from a number of different options to setup your Customer Invoice Collection Process and define whether or not to include Interest charges,

Once you have defined the options for you company there are a number of systems to assist with making the Collection process as simple as possible.

Payments Received List
This allows you to view payments received and issue Payment Receipts to your Customers. You can limit the list with a number of parameters to ensure you only see relevant data.

Open Payments List
This shows you all payments received from Customers, which have not been allocated (matched) to an Invoice. It includes a tool to automatically match the payments to Invoices if you wish to do so.

Invoice Observation List
Shows all overdue Invoices and full details of where each Invoice is in the Collection process

Collection Case List
Collection cases are used to track the collection process, including payment reminders, invoices sent for collection, etc.

New Payment Reminders & Payment Reminder List
You can create Payment Reminders for your Customers and view previous Payment Reminder runs. Depending on your Company Preferences the run will issue Collection Notices, send Invoices for Collection and charge interest.

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Contract Invoicing

SMARTEDGE supports three different types of Contract Invoicing:

Subscription Contracts
Subscription Contracts are used to produce periodic invoices (usually monthly). They are linked to a job, through the field Invoice Cycle.

When a subscription contract is invoiced, the full amount of the contract is invoiced.

Although a Subscription Contract is linked to an invoice cycle, it can also be invoiced ad-hoc by clicking the button Create Invoice.This is convenient if you need to issue an initial Pro-Rata invoice for the first period of the contract.

Sales Contracts
Sales Contracts are used for progressive invoicing. In other words, the contract is invoiced several times until the full amount of the contract has been invoiced.

Sales Contracts are not linked to an invoice cycle, therefore invoices are made out by clicking the button Create Invoice.

For Sales Contracts the amount to invoice for each invoice is determined by a pro-rata percentage entered when issuing the invoice. This pro-rata percentage can be different for individual item lines. Sales contracts are usually only used for service items and not for stock items, although stock items can be included. If stock items are included, the quantity delivered and invoiced is calculated based on the pro-rata rate.

Multi-Delivery Contracts
Multi-Delivery Contracts are used for progressive deliveries and invoicing. In other words, the contract is invoiced several times until the full amount of the contract has been invoiced.

Multi-Delivery Contracts are not linked to an invoice cycle, therefore deliveries and invoices are made out by clicking the button Create Invoice.

For Multi-Delivery Contracts the quantity to deliver and invoice for each invoice is determined by the quantity entered when issuing the invoice. Multi-Delivery contracts are usually used for stock items, where a contract to deliver products over time has been entered into. If service items are included, the quantity invoiced of the service item determines the amount invoiced.

Subscription Contracts, in particular, allow you to generate all of your periodic Invoices at once. For example, if you are billing your customers on a monthly basis you can add all their Contracts to a single Invoice Cycle. When you run the Invoice Cycle your Invoices will all be generated at once and (if so configured) be automatically e-mailed to your customers.

You can also send Contract Confirmation e-mails to your new Customers, allowing them to electronically sign their acceptance of the Contract and the related Terms and Conditions. This can also be used with your Debit Order system.

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Tax Compliance

SMARTEDGE has a number of features to ensure full compliance with all legal requirements.

If you are going to send your customers Invoices by e-mail it is essential that they agree to accept Electronic Invoices. SMARTEDGE makes this process simple for you by providing a complete interface in one screen when you can:

  • Send confirmation requests to your Customers,
  • Vew which Customers have and have not accepted,
  • Manually override the acceptance requirements.

SMARTEDGE both provides full support for VAT and assists with compliing your VAT Returns. Advanced tracking systems also ensure that no transaction is left off a VAT Return, and provide full audit trails to satisfy all legal requirements.

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