Accountants and Bookkeepers
With SMARTEDGE you can partner with a company who has your best interests at heart!

SMARTEDGE introduces state-of-the-art Internet technology to South African accountants and businesses. Our solution dramatically changes how small and medium-sized businesses and their accountants interact with each other, enabling businesses to break free from limitations of traditional financial management software.

Using SMARTEDGE gives both you and your client important business benefits. Your client's success in business requires effective collaboration. Now you as an accountant can be more involved, making it easier for your client to resolve important issues. Good for your client, good for you.
To enjoy some of these benefits, the client has to either have a Read Only User or have one or more full access users.

Revenue Sharing With Accountant Partners

Accountant Partners subscribing to Practice Management or Professional Accountant earn commission or get a discount on subscription fees paid by clients. The following additional revenues can be earned through various client activities:

 * Commission or discount on subscription fees paid by clients having their own users.
 * Implementation/set-up revenues for client users.
 * Performance bonuses from SMARTEDGE.

You will also have access to your own demonstration and test client. SMARTEDGE provides for partner training and certification. You are expected to be able to help your clients with issues relating to SMARTEDGE's solutions. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to send us an e-mail for more details about revenue sharing.

Business Requires Collaboration

  • You work on the same data as your client, and you can work simultaneously from different locations
  • Your client sees the results of your entries as soon as you have made them, at their own convenience.
  • You can input and edit data from your location
  • Your client can at the same time input data and run reports from their location
  • Your client can improve control over their business
  • You and your client can discuss financial matters over the phone while viewing the same information online
  • You can provide better advice to your client, who can make better decisions, because information is more accessible to both of you


Technological Benefits

 * Software as a Service, no installation, free regular upgrades, free daily backups
 * No need to buy or install an expensive network
 * Data is stored on powerful central servers constantly monitored for reliability and security
 * All data transmission is encrypted using the same technologies that banks use to secure Internet banking transactions
 * Backups are made daily, no need for you to make backups
 * All that is needed to access the information is an Internet connection


Rest Assured

  • SMARTEDGE's accounting solution has been developed according to South African regulations
  • SMARTEDGE was designed and developed in South Africa, in partnership with Norwegian Internet developers, ensuring first class Internet technologies
  • SMARTEDGE is tailored specially for South African small and medium-sized businesses
  • SMARTEDGE is an evolving solution and new features are regularly added. We encourage accountants to play an active role in improving our technology.
  • You can try with one client and use SMARTEDGE without any cost to youself or the client for an initial period of 30 days
  • Whether one or all of your clients use SMARTEDGE, there is never any additional cost to you - just extra revenue.


One Shoe Does Not Fit All

 * Discuss the benefits of using SMARTEDGE's solution with selected clients
 * Look at the needs of individual clients to ensure that our solution provides for these needs
 * We are confident that SMARTEDGE provides a better solution for many of your clients


Experience SMARTEDGE

  • We are convinced that you will profit from the flexibility and reliability of SMARTEDGE
  • We are sure that both you and your clients will see the benefits of not being bound to the office, enjoying access to business information wherever you are, whenever you want
  • We are confident that you will encourage more clients to use SMARTEDGE after experiencing the advantages of using our solution


The SMARTEDGE Software Platform

 * Working on SMARTEDGE's solutions is exciting, and it is different from using traditional software.
 * Neither you nor the customer needs any software or CDs since the solution is fully available online.
 * Software as a Service, no installation, free regular upgrades, free daily backups of all client data
 * Work on client books wherever you are, whenever you want
 * No more need to e-mail data to and from your client
 * No more need to synchronise with client systems.

Accountant Partner Qualities

  • We expect our Accountant Partners to have the following qualities:
  • Good understanding of the challenges small businesses face
  • Have an unquestionable code of ethics
  • Be client focused
  • Have a motivated team

Who Are We Looking For?

SMARTEDGE is looking for accountants and bookkeepers that want to provide better and more integrated services to their clients. You should be driven by the needs of your clients and enjoy providing first class services.

Your focus should be the SME market in South Africa. We encourage entrepreneurs to start an accounting or bookkeeping practice using SMARTEDGE's solutions as their software platform.

First Step

If you are interested in SMARTEDGE Accountant Software, please send us an e-mail with any question you may have and include a short description of your business and your client profile. We will get back to you with further details without delay.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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  • Part 1
  • R 0
  • Free 30 day trial
  • full and complete access
  • Part 2
  • Unlimited Transactions
  • Free Online Support
  • Startup Wizard
  • No credit card required
  • No contracts
  • Sign Up Now
  • Part 3
  • Invoice Immediately
  • Upgrade Anytime
  • Equipment incl.
  • Multiple Users
  • Customise your Invoices