Accountants and Bookkeepers
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Organisational Management - Sales Management - Financial Management - Suppliers and Purchasing
Contact Management - Items and Services - Company Implementation

 Customers and Leads
ok  Activities and Notes
ok  Address Labels
ok  Age Analysis (multiple ageing options_
ok  Campaign Source
ok  Classification (Lead or Customer)
ok  Collection Period Analysis
ok  Communication Preferences (e-mail/print)
ok   Communication Tracking (e-mails and documents sent and received)
ok   Credit Limit Control
ok   Customer Balances
ok   Customer Blocking
ok   Customer Categories
ok   Customer Groups
ok   Customer Ledger
ok   Discount Handling
ok   Document Tracking
ok   Foreign Currency
ok   Interest Calculation
ok   Interest Rates (customer specific or company default)
ok   Mass Statements (e-mail and date customisable) 
ok   Multiple Addresses 
ok   Multiple Contacts 
ok   Multiple Ledger Accounts (A/R, Trust, Contract Accrual) 
ok   Parent Company with grouped statements 
ok   Price Differentiation 
ok   Customer Specific Price Catalogues 
ok   Customer Specific Product Catalogues 
ok   Sales Statistics by Customer 
ok   Standard Sales Representative 
ok   Standard Payment, Delivery and Transportation Terms 
ok   Statements with Age Analysis 
 Sales Opportunity Automation
ok  Opportunities
ok  Opportunity Activities and Notes
ok  Opportunity Value Estimation
ok  Sales Pipeline Tracking
ok  Automatic Conversion of Opportunity to Invoice
 Service Delivery and Invoicing
ok  Business Unit Allocation
ok  Cash Invoices
ok  Commercial / Export Invoices
ok  Credit Notes
ok  Customer Refunds
ok  Electronic Documents in PDF
ok  Foreign Currency Invoices
ok  Invoices (Tax and Non-Tax)
ok  Joint Capture Windows for all Sales Documents
ok  Mass Delivery
ok  Mass Invoicing
ok  Order and Quote Activities and Notes
ok  Order Confirmations
ok  Order Fulfilment Stages
ok  Payments with Automatic Invoice Matching
ok  Proforma Invoices
ok  Quotes
ok  Quote to Sales Order
ok  Sales Orders
ok  Sales Returns
 Contract Management
ok  Contracts for Progressive Invoicing (Sales Contracts)
ok  Contracts for Recurring Invoicing (Subscription Contracts)
ok  Contract Activity Tracking
ok  Document Attachments
ok  Initial Pro-Rata Invoicing
ok  Multiple Invoice Cycles (Job Schedules)
ok  Once-off (ad-hoc) Contract Invoicing
ok  Scheduled Recurring Contract Invoicing
 Campaigns and Marketing
ok  Campaigns
ok  Campaign Analysis
ok  Campaigns linked to Mass Communication
ok  Customised Datasets (sub-set of customers, suppliers or contacts)
ok  Customer and Contact Dataset Export for Mail Merge
ok  E-mail Templates (HTML / Plain Text)
ok  Mass Communication by E-mail
ok  Stand-alone E-mail Address Lists
 Commission and Bonus
ok  Personal Commissions
ok  Team and Team Leader Commissions
ok  Commission by Invoice or by Item
ok  Commission calculated from Sales, Gross Profit or Units Sold
ok  Commission Payable on Invoice or on Payment
ok  Personal Bonuses
ok  Team and Team Leader Bonuses
ok  Bonus calculated from Sales, Gross Profit or Units Sold
ok  Bonus Earnings Carried Forward to new Bonus Period
ok  Bonus Earnings Expiry
 Customer Service and Support
ok  Call Centre with Support Tickets
ok  Service Cases
ok  Automatic Service Case Invoicing
ok  Service Case Activity Tracking
ok  Service Case Employee Assignment


stock management

Stock Management

Comprehensive stock tracking whether working from home or tracking multiple warehouses.

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service calls

Service Calls

Track your customer service calls including entering items used and technician time details.

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multiple currencies

Multiple Currencies

Capture your transactions in multiple currencies including for customers, suppliers and bank accounts.

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fixed assets

Fixed Assets

Track your Fixed Assets and have your depreciation automatically calculated and posted.

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Allocate any financial transaction to a Project and view detailed statements.

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invoice collections

Invoice Collections

A detailed process to aid you in collecting outstanding money owed by customers.

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Contract Invoicing

Recurring, Multi-Delivery and Sales Invoices can be generated by using Contracts.

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Tax Compliance

SMARTEDGE has a number of features to ensure full legal compliance.

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